Meet Our Team

Teaching Staff

C M International school is a place where strong connection are made between home and school and staff members are committed to developing the whole child.I have an open door policy and welcome your input and ideas. I am looking forward to meet you as we start this new and exciting session together.

To be recognized globally as an exemplary school with an exceptionally innovative learning environment.To help each and every student reach their highest potential by creating an environment of learning that instils great values, sparks dynamism & creativity and promotes global-mindedness.

Mrs. Rupali Dhamdhere
Iqbaal Kaur Rana
Mrs. Iqbal Kaur Rana
Snehal Bari
Mrs. Harshala Pillai
Dr. Rohini Mane
Dr. Rohini Mane
Gunjan Khandekar
Mrs. Gunjan Khandekar
Rucha Samani
Mrs. Rucha Samani
Ruchi Mongia
Mrs. Ruchi Mongia
Priti choudhari
Mrs. Priti Choudhary
Ankita Mahajan
Ms. Ankita Mahajan
Sheetal Rana
Mrs. Sheetal Rana
Neha Rawal
Mrs. Neha Rawal
Farha Bhota
Mrs. Farha Bhota
Vaishakhi Mitra
Mrs. Vaishakhi Mitra
Mridha Saluja
Mrs. Mridha Saluja
Kalyani Sonje
Mrs. Kalyani Sonje
Sikha Das
Mrs. Sikha Das
Shraddha Miraj Shegde
Mrs. Shraddha Shegde
Snehal Bari
Mrs. Snehal Bari
Eshani Jain
Mrs. Eshani Jain
Geetika Sharma
Mrs. Geetika Sharma
Shivangi Shinde
Mrs. Shivangi Shinde
Mrs. Rutuja Kanse
Sandhya Raskar
Mrs. Sandhya Raskar
Shruti Mitta
Mrs. Shruti Mitta
Pooja Jha
Mrs. Pooja Jha
Shweta Kumbhar
Mrs. Shweta Kumbhar
Meenakshi Karade
Mrs. Meenakshi Karade
Reena Lokegaonkar
Mrs. Reena Lokegaonkar
Swati Gupta
Mrs. Swati Gupta
Arshiya Hashim
Ms.Arshiya Hashim
Archana Maheswari
Mrs. Archana Maheswari
Vivek Belekar
Mr. Vivek Belekar
Mr. Jay Shinde
Mrs.Priti Verma
Mrs. Sarika Nalawade
Mrs. Sarika Nalawade
Mrs.Bhavana Rathore
Mrs.Bhavana Rathore
Anita Choudhary
Mrs. Anita Choudhary
Sachin Naikwade
Mr. Sachin Naikwade
Ms.Pritika Kurve
Ms.Pritika Kurve
Mrs. Yogini Yelled
Ms. Kashish
Ms. Kashish Aghicha
Mrs. Megha Suryawanshi
Mrs. Nilam Zambre
Rupali shah
Mrs. Rupali shah
Divya Sabharwal
Mrs. Divya Sabharwal
Mr. Markand Hardev
Mr. Markand Hardev
Ms.Pradnya Patil
Ms. Pradnya Patil