To create the smart and intelligent next generation by providing top class amenities. We aim to mould the young minds in such a way that they shine like a star in the competitive world. We work towards bringing about a holistic development in the children.

CM International school has designed its curriculum in such a way that it makes learning process assimilative. For primary we follow Pearsons and for secondary we refer books based on Cordova and Macmillan publication.

On an average we have 30 students in each class and two teachers per class.

There is wide range of extracurricular activities as our school is activity based school. It includes:

  • Club Activities: Speech & Drama, Classical Dance, Creative Club , Story Telling and Graphology
  • Sports: Taekwondo, Basketball, Cricket, Lawn-Tennis, Skating, Football.
  • Music: Vocal, Guitar, Drums, Piano.

Yes, we have included German language in our curriculum.

Our teachers are well qualified according to the institutional norms.

Our classrooms are equipped with computers, smart boards and projectors. Teachers are using all these technological resources to make their lesson plan and make the subject more attractive to students.

School plays a vital role in the process of socializing. This is a place where pupils meet their peers, make friends and establish relationships which may be very important in future life.

Field trips and educational tours are the regular feature of our school curriculum. Outdoor activities will be planned in accordance to the syllabus being covered in class for hands-on learning and experience.

We are having medical room in our school with basic emergency equipment’s. We have a Tie-up with renowned hospital near our school.

Yes, we do have parents-teacher association. One PTA member from each class is elected by the parents. They are the communicating link between the parents and institute. PTA members work with school to ensure that children succeed.

We believe in including a range of integrated curricular and co-curricular aspects. Skills like linguistics, self-learning, global understanding, development of balance and harmony, inter-personal and intra-personal intelligence are some of the key components of our integrated approach to learning.

Yes we have a well-equipped laboratory for BIOLOGY, PHYSICS, CHEMISTRY, MATHS, SOCIAL-STUDIES and COMPUTERS.

Yes the school provides breakfast and lunch and evening snacks for the students which they can avail according to their wish.

Our school campus is well equipped with CCTV cameras and fire extinguishers for safety and security of students.

Our school has well-furnished library with ample amount of story books and subject wise books according to different age group and different grades for the students.

Yes our school has anti-bullying committee which keeps watch on students and actions are taken accordingly.

Yes the school provides transport facilities for those who want to avail.

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