Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum


Education outcomes for every child and class improve. Parents are more satisfied with the academic program and assessment reports that provide self-diagnosis and their child’s personal plan of development. Children’s start to like traditionally difficult subjects like Mathematics and English.

Advanced and accelerated

  • Improves academic results of every child and class.
  • Reduces weight of the school bag.
  • Covers more and achieves more academic goals in less time.
  • Reduces teachers workload and improves teachers effectiveness,creativity and engagement.
  • Improves every child’s confidence.
  • Creates intrinsic motivation and an inner desire to excel
  • Makes extra tuitions unnecessary.
  • Provides on-going self-diagnostic feedback throughout the year that allows early diagnosis and intervention.
  • Creates happy children, teachers and parents.

CMIS Booklist PrePrimary - 2021 - 2022

Assessment Pattern